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October 2023

The Initiate Bulk ChargeAPI endpoint now allows you to use the same authorization code more than once as long as each code comes with a unique reference. We still return a 400 error if you pass duplicate authorization codes without unique references.

September 2023

We added the Pay with Transfer (PwT) channel to the Create ChargeAPI endpoint. You can now tie an account number to a transaction for a limited period, allowing your customers to complete a transaction from their banking apps. The changes made are:

  • The Create ChargeAPI endpoint now takes a bank_transfer object that allows you set the configuration for the account to create. You can learn more on the Pay with Transfer section.

  • We added a bank.transfer.rejected event which is sent when a customer sends an incorrect amount or when the customer has been flagged by our fraud system

August 2023

We added ghipss as a supported recipient type to the transfer recipientAPI endpoint. With this addition, Ghanaian merchants can now send money to bank accounts by creating recipients with their customer's bank details.

April 2023

We now return transfer references for bulk transfers. Previously, the response of the Bulk TransferAPI request didn't come with either your custom or our generated reference. We've fixed this, making it easier for you to track your transfers.

March 2023

In order to remain compliant with our product offerings, we sunsetted one of our legacy integration rails that has no support for 3DS 2.0. The check authorization endpoint is powered by this rail and as a result, we deprecated the endpoint.

June 2022

We now make use of an unsigned 64-bit integer to represent transaction IDs. Merchants who store or make use of the transaction IDs need to ensure it is represented as an unsigned 64-bit integer. Here are some recommendations for some common tech stacks:

Tech StackData TypeReference
MySQLunsigned bigintMySQL doc
PostgreSQLbigintPostgreSQL doc
JavalongOracle doc
C#unsigned longMicrosoft doc
C/C++unsigned long longMicrosoft doc
Golanguint64Golang doc
KotlinulongKotlin doc
Swiftuint64Swift doc

We also made some changes to the Customer ValidationAPI:

  • We added a reason parameter to the customeridentification.failed webhook event. Merchants can use this parameter to find out the cause of a failed customer validation.

  • We added middle_name as an optional parameter to the Customer ValidationAPI. You can add this as an extra parameter when validating a customer's details.

May 2022

We added an endpoint to Requery Dedicated Virtual AccountsAPI. Merchants can use this endpoint to check a virtual account for new transactions that haven't been processed yet. Calling this endpoint will trigger a background requery process, and if any pending transactions are found, the transaction will be created, and the webhook notification will be sent to your server.

February 2022

We added first_name, last_name and phone to the request body of the Create Dedicated Virtual AccountAPI. Merchants can use these parameters to update an existing customer's record and create a dedicated virtual account in one API call.

December 2021

We updated the statuses of refunds to better capture the state of a refund:

  • pending: The refund initiated, waiting for response from the processor.

  • processing: The refund has been received by the processor.

  • processed: The refund has successfully been processed by the processor.

  • failed: The refund cannot be processed. Your account is credited with refund amount.

When a refund is initiated for a transaction, the transaction's status previously showed reversed regardless of whether the refund had been processed. We're now better reflecting the status of a transaction with the following:

  • reversal pending: The refund is pending or still processing.

  • reversed: The refund has been successfully processed.

  • success: The refund failed and your account is credited with the refund amount.

We now send webhook events to monitor the state of a refund:

  • refund.pending
  • refund.processing
  • refund.processed
  • refund.failed

Check out the Refunds documentation to learn more about refunds and how to automate your refunds.

November 2021

We added three new statuses to the SubscriptionAPI:

  • non-renewing: The subscription is still active but won't be charged on the next payment date and will be marked as completed.

  • attention: The subscription is still active, but there was an issue while trying to charge the customer's card. The issue can be an expired card, insufficient funds, etc. We'll attempt charging the card again on the next payment date.

  • cancelled: The subscription has been cancelled.

Check the list of subscriptions statuses to learn more.

October 2021

We deprecated support for BVN type on the Customer ValidationAPI. Going forward, we advise against using the type: "bvn" and value parameter in the request body in favour of Bank Account validation for existing and new customers.

September 2021

We added account_number to the request body of the Customer ValidationAPI. This will require merchants to make use of Bank Account validation for existing and new customers.